Winter Hummingbirds

Anna’s Hummingbird can be found year-round on the Pacific coast.

It’s cold outside and there’s snow on the ground but I was certain I could still hear the hum of their wings and their calls.  I wondered if I was hearing correctly but it turns out, not all hummingbirds fly south for the winter.

For most species, it is likely that they did not intentionally plan to stay the winter.  They most likely have gotten … Click to read more

The Star of Thanksgiving

It’s all about the turkey. Though there are different theories as to why, the turkey has become widely accepted as the star of the table.  As families celebrate Thanksgiving across the country, most will be anticipating the moment when the perfectly cooked turkey is placed on the table. Which presents an opportunity to learn a little bit more about this native North American bird.

  1. Founding father, Benjamin Franklin, thought the turkey more deserving than the
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New Feathers for Fall

Photo courtesy: torbakhopper

The skies may seem a little quieter in the waning days of summer.  You might think the birds have already left with fall just around the corner.  But they are still here if only for a little longer.  With breeding season behind them, now is the time that many birds molt or replace their feathers and are quietly waiting for the process to be completed before taking off on those long flights.  … Click to read more

Patience Rewarded

After two weeks of watching to see if any birds would visit our new hummingbird feeder, our patience was rewarded with a visit.  Now I feel lucky as I know it can often take much longer for birds to find a new feeder.

Photo courtesy: likeaduck

Using homemade nectar that was 4 parts water to one part sugar, I hung the feeder and waited.  When the first week passed, I thought I might have used … Click to read more

Rural Areas Have Highest Number of Window Collisions

Photo by: MichiganMoves

This time of year, we are often reminded of the hazard commercial buildings pose to migrating birds.  Confused by altered landscapes and bright city lights, birds tragically collide with windows.  While the number of bird deaths due to commercial building collisions is remarkably large, a recent study shows that the highest number of collisions and deaths occur at rural residences.

The University of Alberta in Edmonton conducted a study of residential collisions … Click to read more

WindowAlert Expands Product Line

We are happy to announce two new products – UV Liquid and Stop Bird Attack - and a new decal design that further expand our product offering while meeting the needs of customers concerned for the safety of birds.

UV Liquid is designed to fill in the gaps between our decals on windows – providing complete window protection.  We know there is often a balance between wanting to protect birds and taseteful design and appearance … Click to read more

Love is in the Air

If you love birds, you probably know that the ability to recognize bird behavior can help you identify birds.  With Valentine’s Day approaching and spring nesting season just around the corning, we thought it would be fun to focus on birds and courtship behavior.  It may seem that birds don’t have it any easier than humans.

There are a number of ways in which males can attract females and often it depends on the species.  … Click to read more

Even Whimsy Can Be Welcoming

We know offering basic needs: water, food and a home is the first step to attracting birds to your yard.  When it comes to bird houses, maybe you like the look of those fun, creative, whimsical bird houses but wonder if they’d really be a good home for birds.  Come to find out those very houses not only dress up your garden but can also serve as a welcoming shelter for birds.  They come in … Click to read more

Winter Bird Survival

It is always so wonderful to see birds in the wintertime when colorful landscapes have retreated.  Their vision can be so welcoming on a drab winter day.  They may appear just as spritely as in the spring, but don’t let that fool you.  Winter birds work hard to survive in the cold.

During the winter, natural food sources are often depleted and birds can use a lot of energy finding food and keeping warm.   Birds … Click to read more

Introducing Two New Decal Designs

We’re very happy to introduce two new decal designs – Hawk and Leaf Medley.  At WindowAlert, we place a great deal of emphasis on developing high quality products that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective at reducing window collisions.  With the addition of these two new designs to our selection of decals, we hope our customers will enjoy choosing designs that reflect their own personal tastes while protecting birds from glass.

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